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Ubon Siam Co., Ltd. is well known as a supplier of food additives such as stabilizer, thickener, defoamer, antioxidant and cleaning agent. and also sell organic foods product.

Synterra is an independent engineering consultancy offering specialist engineering services in subsea/offshore engineering of structures, pipelines & flowline, risers, umbilical, transportation & installation, geotechnical, and coastal. Moreover, equipment design solution for specific Client's concern is offered.

Sakol Intertrade (1991) Company Limited Universal Group of Companies is a manufacturer of electrical equipment, distributors of various brands. And providing electrical equipment installation services There is a complete business model, from system design, system installation and after sales service. To meet the customers in a variety of needs With the ultimate goal of wanting to serve all customers the best The company is therefore ready to develop various services for the better. Keep up with the times that have changed continuously.

The company is a leader in the production of electric induction motors. Centrifugal water pump, submersible pump, meter, electric energy meter Including injection molding of aluminum workpieces

Far East Creation is one of the leading providers of cutting-edge technologies and services in Thailand. We offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Founded with visions to improve all aspects of lives, today we offer smart and innovative technology products to customers worldwide.

Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of products, raw materials and food ingredients for more than 19 years. Our products are Coconut milk powder, Durian powder, sweetened condensed milk powder, ice cream powder, Ribonucleotide powder(I+G).

Ace Star International is a global supplier of Canned, Fresh & Healthy Food

trading, plastics resin, machines, cosmetic packaging, beverage packaging, import, export

Tamarind fruit , supplier of processed fruit products under " JeedJard " Brand since 2003 (ผลไม้แปรรูป มะขาม มะขามอบบ๊วย ตราจี๊ดจ๊าด)

Professional manufacturer soft candy
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