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PRESIDENT OFFICE FURNITURE COMPANY LIMITED - We are manufacturer and distributor of steel furniture and fireproof safes.

drying oven, hot air oven, high temp. oven, melting furnace, dryer conveyor, conveyor oven, rotary oven

Chuno Co., Ltd. - Modern Furniture Manufaturing

1. Customized order of Lifestyle products .. related to T-shirts, bags, hats, crafts, polo., pillow, bed sheet,souvenier items, decoration with printed, screen, embiodery รับผลิตสินค้าไลฟสไตล ตกแต่ง พร้อมปัก สกรีน ชุดยูนิฟอรม สินค้าพรีเมี่ยม ของที่ระลึก 2. Intl. Trade and Service of wellbeing products..natural taste Foods, beverage, dried fruit, natural spa products. ตัวแทนการค้าระหว่างประเทศ ในกลุ่มผลิตภัณฑ์ อาหาร เครื่องดื่ม ผลไม้อบแห้ง เครื่องสำอาง

Business Inspiration and Belief originated from founder’s parent had facial skin problems; itchy, red, irritated skin, which couldn’t cure by treatments and expensive imported medicine.Then the founder had to look at what Thailand has and founded that herbs in Thailand are very valuable and useful. Then she went to take some advices of her parent’s issue from Thai Traditional Medical Group and finally made her own herbal wax for her parent and found out it’s work. Her parent’s itchy, irritated skin symptoms were better and gone. So this is her parent’s advice to make and sale this product to help those people who have the same issue to be cured and feel good. That’s why she started to run this business to make and sale this herbal wax which is natural formula product and we believed that this product is good and could make our customers happy, that’s the reason why we decided to run this health business.

Products from vegetables, fruits and Thai herbs It has been selected and produced by the process of forming tablets / tablets with modern technology.

Manufacturer and Distributor Cashew Nut Caramel (oil-free cooking)

Real Bird's Nest Made with sterilized system Safe, standard, bird's nest soap, excellent product and service

Thaveekij Industrial Co.,Ltd. is manufacturer and distributor of rope, fishing net and seine under the brands “Phu Kao Fai” and “Nok Kra Rean Koo”

Kruanapat Food Products Co., Ltd. Thailand. We are a professional supplier of sauces. Best quality of raw materials were sourced from local, only the freshest. Always maintaining the highest level of quality standard : FDA, HALAL, GMP, HACCP and BRC. We are manufacturer of sauces since 2005. - Sweet Chili sauce - Sriracha Spicy Chili sauce - Sukiyaki sauce - Seafood Poultry sauce - Spicy Salad dressing
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Design and Manufacturing Rubber Molded Part

Manufacturing high performance and specialize in design of rubber parts. Rubber molded component of various material products, including design and manufacturing rubber mold through the creation of prototypes and mass production of dies.

HOM Deodorant

HOM Deodorant 4-in-1 can deodorize underarms, deodorize sweat, deodorize feet, deodorize pores under the chin after shaving and also use to deodorize mustache-beard for people with good beard and suspend. Genital (external) odor, no alcohol. No irritation, non-greasy and does not leave stains on clothes. 30ml bottle. Can be used for 1-3 months and still has a light scent, choose 6 scents.


D-CuP You can easily drink a cup of coffee wherever you like because it is just coffee. On the contrary, it is difficult to find a special cup of coffee with Thai classic taste. D-cup coffee is your best choice. You can feel its uniqueness because it is “More Than Coffee”

Takara “Bite if taste, made from the heart”

“Bite if taste, made from the heart” Takara offers various products of choices for our consumers to select from such as baked peanuts, seaweed and etc. Takara also offers the best and most suitable snacks for its consumers which are made with care and delicacy. “Every bite you take makes you perceive that we make our products from our hearts”.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee “Have a Dee Dee day” Dee Dee offers various products for our consumers to select from such as crispy baked pop pearl barley, dehydrated fruits, crispy baked taro sticks and etc. All our products meet the high standards we produce them with the best quality. Our products contain full nutrients with top-quality ingredients.

Sauces & Curry

Thai food is a symbol of Thailand which has been a heritage from generation to generation until it is a uniqueness of the nation. And also, Thai food is the highlight of Thai culture. “D-kitchen” selects the best ingredients for its delicious Thai foods. You just pour D-kitchen to cook food as direction mentioned, then you have it with hot rice. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Thai foods. D-Kitchen “Thai Kitchen of the World”


HaHa offers various products for our consumers to enjoy the selection every day. Our products include yogurt drinks, Juices with Thai basil seed, and many more. HaHa also offers many drink flavors made more under strict and delicate processes in order to meet the very best standards. HaHa adds liveliness and joy to your day making it more than special. “Have a HaHa day”


Rosneung Seasoning powder NO.1 " The Best of Taste" Food flavor enhancer made from natural spices and herbs gives our consumers the best quality ingredients which can be used in every type of cooking. It adds the feeling of enjoyment and good appetizer to every dish. Simple pour Rosneung seasoning powder and follow the instructions; you will appreciate the traditional Thai taste in every meal with full nutrients.

Super Seasoning

Ajinotakara Provides the best flavor. Enhancers selected from natural and excellent cane along with tapioca as raw materials. The product is manufactured under the modern biotechnology process. Crystals are pure, white, and delicious. It can strengthen the natural fresh taste of food, and promote the human body’s metabolism. “Add a bit Get great taste”

Original Flavoured Pounded Fish Jerky

Best selected soft texture silver silagos are seasoned blended with local ingredients recipe before being fried and pounded for aroma, taste and texture. Production processes are controlled carefully for hygiene, no preservations added, FDA and Halal certified.

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