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Silent danger caused by bacteria & fungi

"Silent danger caused by bacteria & fungi“ Bacteria & fungi appeared on artificial leather would be significant impacted on health as ell as the environment. Today, may Cotco Plastics presents how bacteria and fungi impact us; 1. Unpleasant odor: Bacteria & fungi in artificial leather furniture can cause unpleasant odors, and affecting the overall living environment. 2. Furniture damage: Bacteria & fungi on artificial leather surface can make furniture lost its beauty and functionality. 3. Health impact: Bacteria & fungi cause various diseases such as diarrhea (Escherichia coli) / abdominal pain, cramps (Staphylococcus Aureus). 4. Risk of drug resistance : Bacteria & fungi may develop increase drug when we inhale and it's more difficult to treat diseases with medication. . To prevent these impacts, it is advisable to regularly clean furniture and maintain cleanliness in home. Alternatively, use synthetic leather products from Cotco Plastics that have Anti-Bacteria properties, and can inhibit bacterial growth up to 99.99%. These products are certified for quality standards, and expert advice is also available.

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