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Mango, yawning, lime, booing Avant-garde fruit But packed with medicinal properties An important feature of 'Mango Yawning Lemon Yoo' is seen as a matter of Prevent cancer Because this fruit is high in antioxidants. Helps to nourish the blood. Delaying aging Prevent heart disease Expand the blood vessels to treat the lungs, including emphysema, to help alleviate it. For this reason, it's no wonder why fruits with exotic names are popular. Even though having to search for and eat

Selling fresh fruit, dried fruit and processed fruit

Knight Black Horse Winery intends to produce Thai wine to international standards.

Food Factory - Processed agriculture- Food Staff - Fruit and Vegetable Pickled - STANDARD - GMP HACCP ISO9001 ISO22000 HALAL

We are factory process fruit and ready to eat foods , export to many country.

Dehydrated Fruits such as Mango Aloe Vera and Cantaloop. (ผลไม้อบแห้ง เช่น มะม่วงอบแห้ง ว่านหางจระเข้อบแห้ง แคนตาลูปอบแห้ง

Fresh Fruits From Farm which grow with GAP standard delicious and safety

Thai premium fruits pie topping & filling

We are proud to present our diced Nam Dok Mai mango in real mango syrup. Ideal for bakery topping and filling, ice-cream topping, as well as mixing in savory dishes, you can use it to add a touch of tropical fruits to your various menus. Arrived in cans,

Frozen Fruits & Vegetable / Frozen Freshwater Fish

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dried fruit , dried rambutan , dried mango (ผลไม้อบแห้ง , เงาะอบแห้ง , มะม่วงอบแห้ง)

I ' am Need Export

Banana Chip,Jackfruit Chip,Pineapple Chip,Durian Chip,Mango Chip (ผลิตภัณฑ์ผลไม้ทอดกรอบ ตราดูแมน กล้วย ขนุน สับปะรด ทุเรียน มะม่วง)

We are carefully selects the best quality fruits to ensure a crisp and delicious flavour.
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Cereal Grain - Happy Munchies brand.

Happy Munchies Cereal Grain or Muesli suitable for breakfast , brunch or light meal before dinner. Our cereal grain made from gluten-free ingredients, the main components are multigrains, pop rice, Chia Seed, Flaxseeds, Adlay, Sunflower seeds and dried fruits. It easy to eat, just add hot water and stir for 1-2 minutes. Happy Munchies have 3 flavor, mango and pineapple, banana and strawberry, coconut and almond. It suitable for the customer who gluten allergen and milk allergen. All ingredients without MSG, no preservative. We welcome to made products under customer brand. (OEM)

V Boost Crispy and Chewy Biscuits.

V Boost Crispy and Chewy Biscuits made from wheat flour and filled with dried mango, dried durian, dried lychee, dried coconut. V Boost Crispy and Chewy Biscuits are made of all natural ingredients It gives a nice naturally sweet taste of real dried fruit. All ingredients without MSG, no preservative. We welcome to made products under customer brand. (OEM)

Freeze-Dried Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk Dip

Mango sticky rice is one of the top-listed Thai sweets. To really visit Thailand, tourists must not miss a chance to try it. Chimma is the first who invented innovation making crispy mango sticky rice serve with the authentic coconut milk dip. The products are packed in the bags that ready and very convenient to eat Chimma crispy mango sticky rice anywhere at any time. Chimma crispy mango sticky rice selected only high-graded mangoes and fresh fragrant sweet sticky rice with authentic coconut milk exclusively by Chimma. You can enjoy eating mango sticky rice anytime anywhere. Just open the package and apply the dip, and it will bring the original taste of Thai’s mango sticky rice right at your hand.

Dried Mango with Coconut Milk DIp

A+ Graded Dried Mango with export standards, the product has been proceeded through drying with international standard methods particularized only Chimma Brand. Chimma Brand Dried Mango with Coconut Milk Dip retains softness, scent, and fruity sweet just like the fresh mangoes do. The package contains Thai authentic coconut milk dip formulated exclusively for Chimma making aromatic, sweet, delicious, and unique taste from the nature. Just simply dip by pouring the coconut milk powder into the cup in Chimma package, then pour 2 teaspoons (6 ml.) of water into the cup and stir well. Dip the freeze-dried durian with the coconut milk, and then feel the aroma and sweetness from both durian and coconut. It will make the same sense like having durian and sticky rice, one of the most popular Thai dessert.

Ice cream powder

Ice cream powder comes in 6 flavors which are durian, Thai tea, coconut, vanilla, mango, and chocolate. The product is made from real fruit by using cold-pressed process, it’s also easy for transportation, reasonable price and easy to use.

Thai Bean Cake // Chinese Pastry

Our mooncake can be kept in room temperature for 4-6 months. Our product is made from organic raw material and used no preservatives. There are various fillings like beans, egg, durian, sweet potato, pineapple, mango, bale fruit, longan, banana, strawberry, taro, chocolate, black sesame, pumpkin, red beans, etc.

Mangosteen fruit wine.

Red wine made from mangosteen peel.

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