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We are a beverage manufacturer with over 40 years of expertise. We believe that "the taste can create endless happiness" and we have an unconditional commitment to deliver "Products from the Land of Smiles" around the world

We are slip-on shoe factory in Thailand that produce working shoe for staff and fashion shoes

“Orga Coco” is 100% pure organic coconut water

Knight Black Horse Winery intends to produce Thai wine to international standards.

Kanommaeoey - Piey&Pie (2003) Co.Ltd - Produce and distribute mooncake, ready-to-eat Thai desserts and foods, and bakery raw materials.

Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of products, raw materials and food ingredients for more than 19 years. Our products are Coconut milk powder, Durian powder, sweetened condensed milk powder, ice cream powder, Ribonucleotide powder(I+G).

We are manufacture of food products which made from grain, fruits and vegetable. We made products under our brand and do private label for customer. (OEM)

We are factory process fruit and ready to eat foods , export to many country.
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100% Pure organic coconut water

with premium quality coconut water that wins many awards

Kato Jelly shake

Full, fragrant, delicious, double the fun, jelly and coconut jelly.


Full with delicious coconut jelly Full of fun chewing

Cereal Grain - Happy Munchies brand.

Happy Munchies Cereal Grain or Muesli suitable for breakfast , brunch or light meal before dinner. Our cereal grain made from gluten-free ingredients, the main components are multigrains, pop rice, Chia Seed, Flaxseeds, Adlay, Sunflower seeds and dried fruits. It easy to eat, just add hot water and stir for 1-2 minutes. Happy Munchies have 3 flavor, mango and pineapple, banana and strawberry, coconut and almond. It suitable for the customer who gluten allergen and milk allergen. All ingredients without MSG, no preservative. We welcome to made products under customer brand. (OEM)

Showing 1-10 of 22 results.