Freeze-Dried Durian with Coconut Milk Dip Lastest Update : 12/06/2019 09:36:46

World's First Fruit with Coconut Milk Dip

A-plus Graded Monthong durian has been sorted to make a special crispy freeze-dried durian with the touch of aroma and sweetness of original durian making you feel like you are having the real fresh durian. A-plus Graded Monthong.

Every production process is qualified by international standards.

The package contains Thai authentic coconut milk dip formulated exclusively for Chimma making aromatic, sweet, delicious, and unique taste from the nature.

Just simply dip by pouring the coconut milk powder into the cup in Chimma package, then pour 2 teaspoons (6 ml.) of water into the cup and stir well.

Dip the freeze-dried durian with the coconut milk, and then feel the aroma and sweetness from both durian and coconut.

It will make the same sense like having durian and sticky rice, one of the most popular Thai dessert.


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