Thai-Yamanashi(Japan) Business Matching


Date:22th November 2018


Time:9:00 - 12:00





Face-to-face meeting between Thai and Yamanashi(Japan) companies


Participating Companies from Yamanashi Prefcture:


Yamanashi Prefcture is surrounded by Mt.FUJI and the Southern Alps.

We have world class cutting edge technologies in many fields including precision equipment and industrial robot manufacturing.


The following companies are going to participate from Yamanashi Prefecture.

1)Fuji S.L.I Co., Ltd.

2)Denyokogyo Co., Ltd.

3)Fujiseiki Co., Ltd. / Fujiseiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

4)Ogata Co., Ltd.

5)Moro Manufacturing Co., Ltd. / Manufacture Overhaul Rapid and Optimal Co., Ltd.

6)Ishida Industry Ltd. Only)


Please apply for companies you want to participate by 9th November.

We will inform you details such as time and place after application.


Please note that due to time constraints,

in case of many companies applying, we may not be able to respond to your request.