G Plastic CO.,LTD

G Plastic Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of the plastic tray for various industries like electronics, automotive, food, and packaging. We also manufacture and distribute Cross Flow Media for the wastewater treatment system.

G Plastic Co.,Ltd. was established on October 20, 2004 with an authorized capital of 5,000,000 Thai Baht. We are a specialist in Vacuum Thermoforming plastic products and manufacture made-to-order products by using modern machinery.

Main products:
- Plastic tray product used in packing parts in electronics, automotive, food and packaging industries.
- Slide Pack used for packaging that needs to show products body.
- Clamshell tray product used for general packaging.
- Cross Flow Media Filter, Tube Settler used in the wastewater treatment industry and water sedimentation. The thickness of the tray can be molded from 0.15mm – 2.00mm in which many types of plastic can be used such as PVC, A-PET, PP, HIPS with natural color or others. The plastic types are antistatic and conductive.

Sales Pitch (1) : Manufacture made-to-order plastic products using Vacuum Thermoforming plastic products System under ISO 9001:2015.

Public information

Plastic Tray, Slide Pack, Clamshell Tray, plastic tray for electronic parts, automotive parts, cosmetics, food and snack tray, cylindrical cavity plastic.

Cross Flow Media Filter, Tube Settler for the water or wastewater treatment industry.

G Plastic Co.,Ltd. adheres to the concept of producing products and services that meet the needs of customers to give the most satisfaction to the customers and we have passed ISO-9001:2015 certification for our quality management system.

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Organization Profile

Registration No. 0135547009996
Corporate name G Plastic CO.,LTD
Website https://www.gplastic.net
Number of employees 60 (Full Time: 60)
Month/Year of Established date 2004
Country Thailand
Phone Number +6625771914-5
Address 42/11 Moo1, Lumlukka-Wangnoi Rd., T.Klongjed, A.Klongluang, Pathumthani, Thailand
Industry เหล็กและพลาสติก (Iron, Steel and Plastics)
Contact person Miss Thitichaya Yimlamai

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