Food Intertrade co., Ltd.

Food Intertrade Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of good quality tamarind products in compliance with halal food standards.

Food Intertrade Co.,Ltd is a tamarind manufacturer and exporter certified by halal food standards.
We have wide range of tamarind products which are very popular and having strong presence in international markets.

We provide make-to-order tamarind products under the brands specified by customers (OEM).

Sales Pitch (1) : Food Intertrade Co.,Ltd is a specialist of tamarind products.

Public information

We are a manufacturer and exporter of tamarind products.

We have halal industrial production standards.

Our products come in various sizes.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0125562001739
Corporate name Food Intertrade co., Ltd.
Number of employees 10 (Full Time: 10)
Month/Year of Established date 2019
Country Thailand
Phone Number 02-4602044#44
Address 74/1 Moo 5, Plaibang, Bnagkuai, nonthaburi, Bnagkok
Industry อาหาร และยา (Production of Food products and Pharmaceutical)
Contact person Miss Busayawan Santivarangkana

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