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Amino Essence, Essence Serum, Facial Serum, Nano Emulsion technology, 100% natural skincare, Ozone soap, Facial soap wash, Soap wash for Freckles, Acne Soap wash, Cocoon extract soap, Collagen soap wash, Cellulite soap wash.

The company was inspired by working with experts in enzyme extraction of medicinal plants. That can help many people solve various skin and physical problems Until the patient can lead a normal life with confidence It is therefore the origin of further invention in the dissemination of 100% natural enzyme extracts, it is the origin of research and development of skin care products to restore and nourish the skin. With amino essence, water pat to nourish and revitalize the skin from the inner skin to be strong, firm, radiant, youthful, and 5 ozone soap formulas extracted from natural extracts for cleansing. Nourishing and solving problems of the face and body effectively. Especially used in conjunction with Amino Essence, serum, slap water For healthy skin that looks youthful naturally
Inspirations obtained from closing working with professors in Enzyme and Herbal extracts from their voluntary supports to help improve skin problems and other parts of the body. The company has decided to start the process of Research and Development for natural skincare based on Enzyme extracts and nano technology from 100% natural ingredients. There are 2 sets of natural skincare products. One is Amino Essence or Essence serum applying nano emulsion technology to extract 4 key ingredients to deeply rejuvenate and deeply treat inner skins. The other is a set of Ozone facial wash soap in 5 formulas. By applying both skincare products at 2 steps of wash and treatment, skins will fully be rejuvenated, smooth, firm, bright and youthful look.

Sales Pitch (1) : Natural Skincare, Nano Emulsion, Amino Essence, Enzyme for facial wash, rejuvenation and treatment.

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Corporate name Simply Natural Thailand Co., Ltd.
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Month/Year of Established date 2018
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Industry อาหาร และยา (Production of Food products and Pharmaceutical)
Contact person Siriporn Nimtiparat

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