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With the area of ​​Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province, fertile, suitable for growing plants Which economic crops Important such as durian Have created quite a lot of names for farmers, but sometimes have problems with oversupply products, which makes one of the farmers who have experience in the food factory Turn to add value to the durian with freeze-dried system Create sales, landslide, insufficient output With the needs of the market
"Thaleesap Freeze Dried" Dried Fruit Factory Is another pride of durian farmers. By 'Mr Psalms Khlai Aksorn', the executive revealed the origin of this business that In the past, durian farmers were unable to determine the price of the durian themselves and therefore had a low income. And when the durian is ripe Unable to sell at a price, farmers tend to make it as durian. But he thinks that durian can add more value with freeze-dried technology.

"In the past, most owners of durian orchards would use durian that had been downgraded Which the price is not high and can not be kept for long But when we open a factory to buy durian that doesn't have a price, it helps a lot of farmers because we buy all Can be sold at the factory Even if only one Durian we bought To be processed into freeze-dried durian for sale in the country Which will come to be purchased for further distribution in China. "

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Choose to use with the fruit that has the price and the market first like durian by the production process Will pull out the water, leaving only the durian flesh But still taste, smell the same, so it is popular among Chinese customers

Can consume all year And keep for 1 year because there is no moisture that will cause mold or bacteria He also transforms it into "durian powder" which is most often used as a topping with salad. The big piece of durian will be consumed directly and soon, he will increase production capacity to support the export market with 3 additional freeze-dried machines with funding from SME D Bank as before.

In addition, other fruits are also processed through freeze-dried processes such as mangoes and Nam Dok Mai. Jackfruit, Thongprasert Lam Phai Thong Phuang Thong Which is a famous fruit and species Is accepted by consumers While the durian will select the Monthong varieties of farmers in the area first But now the market demand is increasing, therefore more durian is bought from Chanthaburi and Yala provinces

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Registration No. 0865558000948
Number of employees 10 (Full Time: 10)
Month/Year of Established date 2015
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0779799983
Address 88/1 Village No. 4, Thaleesab Subdistrict, Pathio District, Chumphon Province
Industry อาหาร และยา (Production of Food products and Pharmaceutical)
Contact person Mr. SADUDEE KLYAKSORN

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