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Thai Mobile Robots: Autonomous Forklifts, Autonomous Boats

Gen Surv Robotics, a proud Thai tech company who researches and develops state-of-the-art industrial mobile robots for customers such as our autonomous forklift “PLY AGV” for warehouse automation that not only transport goods but but also update information in the system real time. Our autonomous survey boats “FIN-USV” provide professional unmanned surveys for rivers, sea, and reservoirs that are faster, reliable, safe and cost effective.

Sales Pitch (1) : Autonomous Forklifts for Warehouse Automation

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Can work reliably 24 hours a day.

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Registration No. 0105555115112
Corporate name Gen Serv Co.Ltd
Number of employees 7 (Full Time: 7)
Month/Year of Established date 2012
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0874429962
Address 150-151 Suksawat 72 Soi 2, Bangkru, Prapadaeng, Samutprakarn
Industry Robotics
Contact person Ms Wareemon Purapati

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