Prolog Titanium Corporation

Prolog Titanium Corporation Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and distributer of high quality titanium and special metals. We are specialist and having the most full-cycled services in Thailand .

Prolog Titanium Corporation Co.,Ltd was established in 2005. We are the originator of titanium service center for titanium used in industrial production in Thailand. We have been serving our customers for over 13 years and dedicating in supplying titanium to the users in market segments and industries. We also supply other metals from various makers.

Prolog Titanium Corporation Co.,Ltd is Thailand’s largest manufacturer of high quality titanium and special metals products. Because of its own unique with the combinations of strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and other metal properties, Titanium is used in various industries like aeronautical and aerospace, medical, electrochemistry, automotive and other industrial applications.

Sales Pitch (1) : Thailand’s titanium leader

Public information

(1) We keep stock of titanium materials from many countries around the world such as America, Japan, Europe, China and others. In Thailand, we are having the maximum material forms like sheet, bar, tube, wire and distribute with accessible prices.
(2) We are a product designer of titanium and special metals for the use in various industries having chemical corrosion problem or solving problem with metallurgy. We have our expert engineers being a member of ITA, a global member of utilizing titanium at maximum benefits.
(3) We are a specialist in manufacturing of titanium and special metals which perform by professional technicians who have experience over 10 years.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0125549002000
Corporate name Prolog Titanium Corporation
Web address
Number of employees 142
Established date 2549
Country Thailand
Phone Number 029204046
Address 48/107 Moo 2, Bangkruai-Sainoi Rd. Bangrakyai, Bangbuatong,Nonthaburi
Industry Robotics and Industrial machine หุ่นยนต์และเครื่องจักรอุตสาหกรรม
Representative Thapassorn Poolsawat

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