Sure Chemical Supply Co.,Ltd

Factory – produces home and household cleaning products which certified to ISO 9001.

Sure Chemical Supply Co.,Ltd. is manufacturer and distributer of home and household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, washing liquid, fabric softener, floor cleaner, dust cleaner, bathroom cleaner and glass cleaner. We are manufacture and distributer under the brands DShow, Mirean, Deal and others.
Our factory is certified by government agencies and international standard ISO:9001. Our main goal is to product good quality products that meet required standards for our customers.

Sales Pitch (1) : Thai products for home and household cleaning come with good quality and friendly price.

Public information

(1) DShow dish washing liquid can remove grease, fat and dirt on dishes very well. It does not leave any residue, reduces odor and does not dry out your hands.
(2) DShow fabric softener can soften, smoothen, reduce wrinkle on fabric and make the clothes easier to iron. It also has a great fragrance giving freshness when wearing.
(3) DShow washing liquid can perfectly remove dirt, grease, food stain, deep stain on clothes. It also helps in maintaining fabric fibers, brightening up the fabric and reduce odor caused by bacteria.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0125557000541
Corporate name Sure Chemical Supply Co.,Ltd
Web address
Number of employees 15
Established date 2557
Country Thailand
Phone Number 021906096
Address Lahan Bangbuathong Nontaburi
Industry Chemistry and Materials เคมีและวัสดุ

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