Dhaniya​ Trading.Lp

1. Made to order of clothing related to T-shirts, bags, hats, crafts, polo., pillow, bed sheet With printed, screen, embiodery
2. Intl. Trade of wellbeing products..natural taste Foods, beverage, dried fruit, natural spa products.

About usWe​ established since 2000, concern to Garment Made to oder of which T-shirt, polo for Organization's staff. Now, we expand category to Lifestyle products by running of Bag, Pillow case, Bed sheet.
We also now create our owned brand of bag under concept. Thai modern design under brand "Btaniya Design"​

Sales Pitch (1) : Simple Beyond classify

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Products.. Quality, reasonable price, as command

Service : Ontime, responsibility, trust

Technology :can supply the new technology of raw material

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Registration No. 0103543018484
Corporate name Dhaniya​ Trading.Lp
Website [email protected]
Number of employees 2
Month/Year of Established date 2543
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0632491656
Address 83​soi​8,​charoennakorn​rd, clongsan, bkk 10600
Industry สิ่งทอและเครื่องนุ่งห่ม (Textile and Apparel)
Contact person Miss Dhaniyaporn. Jetpipatanaponh Mr. Wirasak Jetpipattanapong

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