SORWARA INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturer and designer of furniture used in science laboratory.

SORWARA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Was established on the concept to create the best products to all customers. Base on such concept the company has therefore devotedly most time and effort to research and develop the products from quality materials that are mostly suitable to use for optimal satisfaction of the customers. In addition, we have qualified and experienced personnel who can trustfully work for you from the commencement of project until completion. In addition, the company has also emphasized on the post sale service responsible by professional teams to examine the product quality for the customer.
From our ceaselessly development, SORWARA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. is the manufacturer, distributor and designer of furniture laboratory, fume cupboard, fume scrubber, balance table and all kinds of stainless works under the name of “Sorwara” for private, government, hospital, research center.

Sales Pitch (1) : We are professional manufacturer and designer of furniture and fume hood used in science by our professional team.

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(1) Furniture for science laboratory, research laboratory, government departments, private sectors, and factories.

(2) Fume hood and canopy hood for a research laboratory, and experiment tasks that need safety.
(3) Out company develops products from the best quality and most suitable materials for the usage and highest customer satisfaction . We have professional personnel with a great experience. Therefore , you can trust in our performance right from the start till the end of the project

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Registration No. 0105549027525
Web address
Number of employees 8 (Full Time: 8)
Established date 2006
Country Thailand
Phone Number 02-447-5408-9
Industry Manufacture of furniture
Representative WARARUT SUKUMA

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