Siam Worada59 Co.,Ltd.

Siam Warada59 Co.,Ltd. manufactures and distributes processed products, essential oil, Thai herbs under “WORADA BRAND”.

Siam Warada59 has developed and researched about processed products, essential oils, and Thai herbs. Our inspiration has started from the feeling of eating Kao Chae. Kao Chae is a traditional Thai summer dish that gives a touch of coolness and relaxation granted from Thai nature, with the candle fume scented water and flower floating on water, the coolness of crushed ice and the delight after tasting, it gives the feeling just like eating Kao Chae. Therefore, the products have been created for workers to relieve their stress and help them get more relaxation.

Strengths of our products are relieving stress and fulfilling happiness for workers in different perspectives using Thai ancient wisdom and charm to apply with contemporary. Our goal is bringing our products to blend into workers' daily life from morning till night. WORADA natural products come with the aroma from essential oils of various flowers, help in relieving stress, provide freshness and relaxation during the day and while sleeping, WORADA, the miracle of relaxing and a natural sensation that you will never forget.

WORADA means noble person. We are representative of Petchburi to deliver happiness and delight that everyone can carry all around.

Sales Pitch (1) : Products from WORADA59 are extracted from 100% Thai lemon essential oil.

Public information

We select premium lemon in Thailand.

We design unique scents for your brand, for products used in hotel, spa, cosmetics by using real natural essential oils for relaxation.

We have a wide range of products which are manufactured with standards, license/registered number, quality, cleanness, and safety for the consumers and eco-friendly.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0765558000167
Corporate name Siam Worada59 Co.,Ltd.
Number of employees 10 (Full Time: 10)
Month/Year of Established date 2015
Country Thailand
Phone Number 090-020-2001, 090-020-2100
Address 123/1 Moo 2 Muang, Phetchaburi
Contact person Mr. Chatchawan Sukmuang

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