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T-GoodTech (Thai Good Technology) is a digital platform and the business matching channel between Thai entrepreneurs themselves and foreign entrepreneurs in terms of Business to Business (B2B). An objective of the platform is to promote SMEs into a Global Value Chain by applying with database systems and technologies under the collaboration between the Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation of Japan (SMRJ) driving SMEs into a Global Value Chain.

ยานยนต์และชิ้นส่วน | Automotive and auto parts

TOKYO DIAMOND (THAILAND) LTD. ((株) 東京ダイヤモンド工具製作所)

TCMF Inc. (徳山車輌)


Okatsune Gears Manufacturing Co., ltd. (㈱岡常歯車製作所)

We are looking for a distributor. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

ไฟฟ้าและอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ | Electronic and electronical

HBA(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. (エイチビーエータイランド)

HBA is an IT consultancy and service company. Our end-to-end services include the management of IT and business processes, systems development and integration. We have delivered system solutions on a wide range of hardware and software platforms. We also help customers to ensure their business by the outsourcing services. We hope to provide IT solutions to business that customers improve their business performance.

Multibook International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (マルチブック インターナショナル タイランド)


Studist (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (スタディストタイランド)


SEIKYO.CO., Ltd (株式会社セイキョウ)

We provide total support for 1)install, inspection, fix of overhead traveling crane 2)electrical construction 3)design and manufacturing of distribution board We have been doing this business for over 50 years, so we can provide full support with outstanding knowledge and experience.

Shizen International Inc. Bangkok Representative Office (自然インターナショナル株式会社バンコク駐在員事務所)

We are providing solar system to factories which will enable customers to reduce energy costs and CO2 emission.

Ondemand Laboratory Co., Ltd. (株式会社 オンデマンド研究所)

We are looking for a company that sells our products. Also, if it can be manufactured in Thailand, I would like it to be made by OEM.

TMR Co., Ltd (株式会社TMR)

"We have developed a tool for "Eliminating Inequality from the World", which is one of the UN SDGs 10. By using Remote Connect as an internet infrastructure instead of a telephone infrastructure, you can communicate in Japanese with people around the world who cannot speak Japanese or with hearing and speech impairments. Companies and organizations can respond to inquiries from people around the world and hearing-impaired people with texted Japanese voice and automatically translated subtitles, expanding business and services and reducing inequality."

Fuji Denki Co., Ltd. (株式会社藤電気)

เครื่องจักรอุตสาหกรรม | Industrial Machinery

Aitec System Co., Ltd. (株式会社アイテックシステム)

We are very much like to launch our business in Thailan by pusueing virtually zero defects on manufacturer of any industry in Thailand by detecting defects utilizing our high Luminnce LED lightings. We registered many Patents.

AdD Co., Ltd. (株式会社エーディーディー)

"Our image processing inspection system has a track record of more than 200 verifications annually by our original inspection system "iVison". There are trading companies in Thailand that serve as contact points, so please feel free to contact us."

ADTEC ENGINEERING Co., Ltd (株式会社アドテックエンジニアリング)

"Why don't you take this opportunity to expand production together with us?"

Kanto Electronics Corporation (関東電子株式会社)

We have exported our feeders to the ASEAN area since eight years ago. The main countries to export feeders are Indonesia and Taiwan now. We are planning to export our products to new countries, Thailand, Malaysia, and India. We also design and manufacture custom auto-assembly machines with parts feeders. We are expertise to manufacture pump kit automatic assembly machines for the covid-19 antiseptic solution for over 10 years.

Meichui Co.,Ltd (株式会社メイチュー)

Hormel Furnace is a melting furnace that can reduce the defective rate, save energy, and provide high-quality molten aluminum for aluminum casting. We can provide the best products for the quality of the increasingly fierce automobile parts industry in the future. In addition, Thailand has an OEM contract with Pine-Pacific Corp., Ltd, so we can provide local equipment production and maintenance services. website

MOTODA GIKEN CO., LTD. (元田技研株式会社)

We would like to recruit our agency for our brand Y-man in Thailand

Ishikawa Shop, Co., Ltd. (有限会社石川酒店)

We are working to popularize and promote fine bubble technology in the world. It can be widely applied to the agriculture/fishery/livestock industry, beauty / medical field, electric/water/gas-related infrastructure, fuel technology, etc. From the countryside, in order to disseminate this technology to the world, we are looking for a wide range of people and companies who can support and support individually, both domestically and internationally. We will provide patented technology, including improving local employment and attracting companies. We would be grateful if you could lend us your power to promote the spread together. If you are interested in this technology, please feel free to contact us.

Arche Information Inc. (アルケー情報株式会社)

อาหาร & เกษตรแปรรูป | Food & Processed Agriculture

ALP Co., Ltd. (アルプ株式会社)

"Now "Ready to EAT" is the general tendency all over the world. We do believe our retort autoclaves are met this tendency. Therefore we are focusing on these products this year."

Health Square Co., Ltd. (株式会社健康広場)

"Our company is the first company in Japan to successfully cultivate Cordyceps sinensis on its own. We have a wealth of experience with mushrooms. We develop and sell health foods that are extremely effective against lifestyle-related diseases. Currently, health foods that are good for corona infection have become the most popular products, but there are also a flood of customers waiting to sell health foods that have a surprising effect on diabetes during test production."

Minami-seimen Co., Ltd. (株式会社みなみ製麺)

Please use our noodles that can be arranged in various ways.

Sunflour Tokachi Foods International Co., Ltd. (サンフラワートカチフーズインターナショナル)

We manufacture Japanese sweets with high quality.

อื่น ๆ | Other

CM Plus Corporation ((株)シーエムプラス )

CM Plus is top brand of life science industry in Japan. Thai company can get the prfessional service so a creat your ounvalue in Thailand

ThreeHigh Co., Ltd. (株式会社スリーハイ)

Three High wants to bring warmth to factories, communities, towns and the world. Our goal is to spread warmth with smiles and laughter. That's why we manufacture industrial heaters around the world to foster manufacturers and carriers. Our products aiming at customers such as food, confectionery, automobile industry, petroleum and milling manufacturers. We provide our customers with the most effective solutions.


desknet’s NEO is a business application that helps you reduce costs, increase work efficiency, and allows you to modify business apps freely without programming knowledge.We help you can work, submit and approve documents instantly everywhere and anytime. We made more than 4.6 million users around the world work smoothly. Conveniently manage and share internal information with user friendly interface. We’re ready to support Thai SMEs. Let us help you to create your work style.

AUZAC (オーザック)

"We are Japan's leading manufacturer of wire rope terminal fittings. Do you need high-quality wire rope fittings in Thailand? We are looking for a distributor who can sell our products."

Trustia Corporation (トラスティア株式会社)

"You can buy Japanese Products for Disaster risk reduction and management from anywhere in the world(Advance preparation, Hygiene, Beverage, Water, Food, First aid, Products for emergency management HQ, etc.) by EC site."

Goldleaf Industrial Arts (五明金箔工芸)

Nice to meet you, this is Gomei Gold Foil Crafts in Kyoto. Our technology is a technology that can express Japanese handmade gold leaf as a material to the maximum extent. Would you like to make Thai works the best!

HIROSE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (株式会社ひろせプロダクト)

GPC Laboratory Co., Ltd. (株式会社ジーピーシー研究所)

We are engaged in the search for functional substances from natural resources and the development of health-related products using biotechnology, developed by a national university medical school. Our primary interest is in disease prevention and health promotion by focusing on the biological clock that forms our biological rhythms. In particular, we are aiming to contribute to the fields of sleep, obesity, and dementia. Currently, we are conducting discovery research utilizing mushroom resources. I am also interested in researching the health functions of overseas agricultural and marine resources, herbs, and plant components. We want to try to create a new business, utilizing the natural resources of Thailand!